De Jie Electricity Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, have about 45 years of professional experience in R&D and manufacturing. Our company has functional organizations for production, sales, personal, R&D, finance, etc., with the strategy of "creating value for customers."

Our main products include Spot Welding Machines, Seam Welding Machines, Electrical Heating Upsetter Machines, Heating Machines, Friction Welding Machines...etc. welding series equipment, extensively applied for automobiles, water tanks, aluminum & titanium machining industries and whole-plant equipment production line.

Professional R&D Capability
Da Jie company has experienced professionals & R&D engineers who continue to innovate and R&D. We also imported large-capacity inverter control system from Germany and self-developed multi-function spot welder controller.
We obtained many international patents, and products are in ISO9001, CE, UL certified and many series production quality has obtained the Taiwan Excellence Award consecutively in 6 years as well, with the quality is trustworthy; has widely praised in the market.
Industry-Academia Collaboration
In order to enhance our company's enterprise value, we actively participate in the academic cooperation between industry and domestic universities of science and technology to implement our social responsibility and inheritance.
Online Marketing VR
We have been innovating online marketing and location shooting by VR to convey our brand to the industry and enhance the competitiveness.
Customer care is our top priority
Sticking to our ideal and policy of best products to serve, we have added qualified equipment to our production lines from time to time as necessary for producing high quality machinery under our strict quality control process as well as outstanding manufacturing technique, and provision for perfect after-service will still be our another focus.