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Discharge Pour Power Control Circuit Layout

Discharge Pour Power Control Circuit Layout

Features of Condensed Type Resistant Welding Machine

  • Condensed type just needs 1/10 - 1/30 current if it is compared with alternative current type. It can make use of the power efficiently. It is a power-saved type welding machine.
  • Very less hot warp and oxidization save the processing in follow-up steps.
  • Stability:Less welding tolerance conforms to JIS vehicle specifications.
  • Economy:The consuming parts such as copper electrode is very less, and power consumption is very less. It reduces the operation cost.
  • Durability:The pressure adding device and the semiconducting charge and the discharge circuits are considered to keep their superiority.
  • The key components are imported from Europe, the USA and Japan. Among them, the pneumatic components are made in Japan, and SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) is a product made in Europe, the USA or Japan. The condenser is same as the condenser used in Japanese.
  • Machines. It is a storage type condenser for special use on instant charge and discharge. The control system is made of the USA or Japanese components.

    In addition to above features, the non-iron metal and the different kind of metal can be soldered together. It doesn't need auxiliary material, but increases efficiency if it is compared with the conventional method of rivet and solder. It is very helpful for the enterprise to save material charge and the salary.


The principle of condensing type resistor Welding machine

As Figure 1 shown, store the power needed for welding into the condenser. Then, discharge this power instantly into the welding container. It will discharge a large welding current. It is like to pump the water from a well to a bucket. Then, pour the water suddenly from the bucket.


Therefore, it just needs one tenth or less current to finish the work if it's compared with the alternative current type welding machine. Besides, the current of instant electricity discharge can be used efficiently. Its heat efficiency is better than other welding types.


The condenser can be charged 475V maximum. The charge voltage can be adjusted to meet the need of welding current. The charge voltage is controlled by semiconductor, so the charge voltage is not changed even if the voltage is unstable. You just need to set one time, and always have a fixed welding current for the welding needs.

ModelRated Capacity (KVA)Rated Frequency (HZ)Input Voltage (V)Rated Force (WS)Electrode Pressure (kgf)Cooling Water (ℓ/min)
DJ-G05 0.5 50/60 220 300 10 AIR
DJ-G10 1.0 50/60 220 500 90 AIR
DJ-G15 1.5 50/60 220 750 150 AIR
DJ-G30 3 50/60 220 1500 250 3
DJ-G50 5 50/60 220 2500 300 3
DJ-G70 7 50/60 220 3500 500 3
DJ-G90 9 50/60 220 4500 500 5
DJ-G110 11 50/60 220 5500 800 5
DJ-G150 15 50/60 220 7500 800 6
DJ-G200 20 50/60 220~440 10000 1000 6
DJ-G250 25 50/60 220~440 12500 1200 7
DJ-G300 30 50/60 220~440 15000 1400 8
  • Suitable for worldwide voltage, design & making according to local need.
  • The machine shape is designed as per workpiece, ensuring its funcition. The capacity won't change.

Applications :

  • Weldable materials-carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, phosphorus copper, aluminum, nickel, nickel chrome alloy, tungsten, zinc, aluminum plated steel and some special metals.
  • Household electric wares: TV set, VCR, ai regulator, gas bruning utensil, electric water pot, electric warmer, and micro-wave stove, etc.
  • Electronic wares: battery, transistor, current controller capacitor, resistor, heat relay, contacts, relay, heating elements, switch lead wire, etc.

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