Round Bar Material Double Head Electrical Middle-Part Heating & Upsetting Machine

Model : DJ-VHD II 510, DJ-VHD II 910

  • Special for round bar material

B. Special for round bar material

  • Used for flattening-type and round bar material stainless steel high-class dinner set shank heating and projecting forming to save 40% material. (It is a fashionable new-type bacteria-free tools.)



Stainless steel, alloy steel material, length within 300mm, suitably used for DJ-VHD II 510; length within 400mm, suitably used for DJ-VHD II 910, for alloy stainless steel, special stainless steel high-class shank upsetting forming. In the production process, electric heating is adoped, and sliding mould is made of alloy material against high-temperature and wear-resistant to make with accessories of the USA and Europe.

Double head electrical middle-part heating & upsetting machine.

Specification Rated Capacity Round bar upseting capability Cooling Water Usage Rating Voltage Frequency Hydraulic power
Model KVA m/m ℓ/min % V Hz Set
DJ-VHD II 510 51 12~20 30 90 200
50/60 double-set
DJ-VHD II 910 91 15~28 40 90 50/60 double-set
  • There is no notice if design of machine is changed due to increase of machine capability.