Heating Upsetter Machine, Metal Gathering Machine, Electro Upsetting, Electrical Resistance Heater

What is Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine?

In electrical-upsetting a high electric current at low voltage is passed through a bar section which is limited by contact electrodes of different potential and heated due to high current density and ohmic resistance to be heating (W=I^2R). Axial force applied by a hydraulic piston simultaneously causes the gathering of volume which results in an increasing distance between the electrodes. At the same time the anvil electrode must retreat to allow the workpiece forming.

Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine Introduction

Upsetter is used by the resistance heating characteristic of round bar with hudraulic system, heating and upsetting the end or middle section of round bar. It's the necessary equipment for the workpiece processing and forming.

What industries can Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine be applied?

Auto Parts manufacturing industry, Ship Manufacturing Industry, Kitchen Appliances Processing Industry, Electricity Industry, Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Industry

When could you use Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine?

  • In order to save the material.
  • Heating and upsetting of finished-product before forming, and smoothly follow-up processing procedure.
  • Save power and consumption, the heating efficiency is better than high-frequency.
  • Parts of related life safety: auto transmisson shaft, cooking knife for food and beverage industry, special auto parts for various car type.

Application for Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine?

Lug wrench, engine valves for auto parts & steamship industry, engine crankshaft, main driven axle fixing wheels stabilizer bar, truck rear wheel fixed spindle shaft, connection rod for auto parts industry, special screw shank, European and U.S.A tool shank, L-type sleeve wrench, electricity screw

Features & advantages of Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine

  • Economic: the old manufacturer produced engine valves by steel bars, cut to the required sizes through by NC lathe, re-heatring and pressing. This traditional production way is not only spend much time and also waste material. Using Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine is simultaneous heating and upsetting in one machine, and it could save 50% material to prevent secondary machining and waste man-power.
  • No environmental pollution by radiant heat, smoke or other emissions; easy to operate, high working efficiency.
  • The heating procedure is from inside to outside to assure the material sturcture well mixed and deep the crystal in perfect condition.
  • The surface of forging parts are smooth & without bur. The constitute is average spread & with best tensile strength. No carbides on the surface of heating parts, which can improve the quality of products.
  • Accuracy controlling of upsetting speed & dimension, any length & diameter are availble to manufacture by demand.

Choose DJE's Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine

  • About 50% diameter of the rould bar, heating the head, and forges it into head dimension simultaneously, one-piece forming characteristic; products made from it have better strength, wear-resisting and lifetime.
  • Diameter of original round bar, heating length and heating temperatue could be changed according to your demand.
  • Main transformer has high output efficiency through interior cycling and saves power.
  • Upper and bottom electrodes are imported from Japan alloy copper. It is heat-proof and wear-resistance, and easy to replace the mold.
  • Key spare parts of main transformer, SCR and hydraulic motor are imported from Japan or Germany brand.
  • Diversity service: provide customized service according to customer diversity workpiece to satisfy customer's demand.
  • Module's configuration: brief and convenient in assembly and maintenance. Assemble engineers know the assemble procedure clearly to prevent re-working.
  • Close-type resistance instant-heating system, reduce heat dissipation. Not only save energy, but also prevent operator have any accident occuried.
  • The electric-shock protection design can avoid electric-shock hazard.
  • Chamfer on plated edges to avoid hurt from cut; secure the safety of assembling and operating personnel.
  • Visualize: different functions are distinguished by different colors. (Ex: machine bottom adopts "starry blue" color series, main machine body adopts "ivory grey" series. The main parts of action adopts "orange" to emphasize the safety)
  • Easy to assemble: save 30% of assembling time. Workpieces are milled to form parts' mount slots and bearing faces by NC machine; greatly shorten assembly & aligning time and reduce costs.
  • Easy to learn: humanized control system with clear deta display, enable operator to learn and operate easily.
  • Innovative technology focuses on creating customer value: with self-developed automatic upsetter. Using robotic arm to loading & unloading automatically replaces manual operation to increase over 50% production capacity and 80% manpower saved.
  • Evaluating the vertical type or horizontal type Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine according to customer's workpiece information
  • In accordance with safety design of international standard: quality system passes ISO9001 and CE certifications.

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How to operate the Electrical Heating Upsetter Machine?

Completed setting the data parameters→ workpiece puts into the mold → start → upper seat pushing to setting position, electrodes clamping mold, auxiliary mold starts and clamps the workpiece → bottom seat goes forward to press the workpiece → pre-heating discharge starting → upper seat goes backward, forging vlotage discharge → bottom seat goes forward to setting position and finish