Resistance Spot Welders, Resistance Spot Welding Machine


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Spot Welder Spot-Projection Projection Welder
  • Air control cylinder construction and solenoid valve.
    Air control cylinder together with solenoid valve, with no-feed oil dry bearings with minimum friction resistance, quick response, to increase the unit punching speed and reduce air flow loss.
  • High-Performance air compression components (Air F.R.L units)
    Explosion-resistant casing is fitted on the outside of the filter and oil feeder to prevent broken, and to protect it from out-side impact.
    The filter and oil feeder cup can be dismounted to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
  • The cooling tubing employs 3/8" bronze tube compulsory cooling cycle circuits
    All cooling water pipes of the transformer, SCR and electrodes will have excellent cooling efficiency,with additional temperature rise automatic cut-off switch to completely avoid burning the transformer, SCR in case the water supply is interrupted.
  • High conductivity secondary re-circuits
    Secondary side-welding recircuits made by bronze, low resistance and well-conductivity.
  • Safe and reliable pedal switch
    Sturdy and safe pedal switch with quick starting and easy installation starting voltage DC 12V which can be used safely.
  • An optional press adjuster is provided for upward and downward adjustment
    To respectively adjust the rising or lowering speed and impact during the pressurizing progress, to obtain excellent welding quality and speed.
  • Central air exhaust method to improve working environment
    Concentrated exhausting system will not only reduce the exhaust noise, but also reduce oil mist spraying, to maintain clean working environment. (Fitted with exhaust outlet to exhaust air to outdoors.)
  • All series with micro-computer precision control circuit
    Micro-computer control device: precision control, no effected by unstable power supply condition.
  • Transformer of excellent current conductivity and of minimum electric loss
    Secondary circuit with high conductivity, a low input will produce output with powerful current with minimum power loss and low facility cost.
  • Welding current circuits with adoption of SCR no-contact-point switch
    Main circuit switch employs no-contact-point SCR to increase high welding reliability and avoid accident caused by poor connection and save maintenance and repair expense.
    Even under rigorous conditions, it will still assure stable welding current to obtain consistent and steady welding strength.
  • Solid Frame Structure
    Sturdy body construction, excellent adaptability, reducing the electrode deviation during process, increase the welding quality, and reduce the shock and impact noise of the machine body.
  • Both interior and exterior of machine are processed with coating
    Coated with powder burnt paint after acid phosphate to extend the life time.
Micro-computer Built-in Welding Controller Spot Welding / Projection Welding / Multi-Point Welding of Nets
Spot Welder Spot-Projection Projection Welder
ModelRated CapacityMax. Short Circuit CurrentMax. PressureCooling Water
Spot Welder DJ-A350 35 16,000 500 5
DJ-A500 50 18,500 700 6
DJ-A600 60 20,000 800 6
DJ-A800 80 25,000 900 8
Spot-Projection DJ-A500 50 18,500 700 6
DJ-A600 60 20,000 800 6
DJ-A800 80 25,000 900 8
DJ-A1000 100 30,000 1000 8
Projection Welder DJ-A1200 120 35,000 1000 10
DJ-A1500 150 42,000 1100 10
DJ-A2000 200 48,000 1500 10
DJ-A2500 250 53,000 1500 12
DJ-A3000 300 60,000 1700 15
  • Can design and make according to local voltage requirement (200V-600V).
  • Big capacity model could be equipped with 3 phase transformers.
DJ-MU1 Standard control box
DJ-MU2 9 times electric connection control box
DJ-MU3 15 conditions settable control box
DJ-MU4-1 Constant current and 60 conditions control box

Adopting pushbutton digital switch and all series with micro circuit control.

1.Quick answering operation, correct activation, shock resistant, low trouble rate.
2.Prevention against interferences such as foreign singnal, thunder bolt, voltage and high frequency.
No error. Reliable application.

With auotmatic current circuit maintenance.
During the current connection, even the pedal switch is "OFF", it will maintain the power connection and voltage increase, according to preset time lengths until the final process, to prevent inferior welding.

With power and voltage fluctuation compensation circuits.
During welding, for voltage and power within ±20%, the voltage and current fluctuate compensation circuit will activate prompt answering in one cycle and restore to the preset welding requirement, therefore obtaining welding effects with consistent quality. (For current adjustment scale higher than 80, the compensation range is narrowed.)

Equiped with up-slope control for adjustment of preliminary welding current wave forms.
Adjust the up-slope control (0-9Hz) to gradually increase the welding current, avoid protruding current, avoid coarse welding surface, improve welding quality, especially to the welding of various galvanized sheed steel.

Relation between the primary voltage and the welding current.



Micro-computer high function welding controller:

  • 30 conditions program memories, three sections of power.
  • Enhanced counting function.
  • Directly increase or decrease the value keys, welding current is automatically compensated.
  • Transformer current output strong weak setting available.


Component Instruction of Microcomputer Precision Control Resistance Welding Machine