Hydraulic Multi-Spot Grid Board Welding Machine

Model : DJ-CTC700

Max. Size of Grid Board 994.5mm(W) x 6000mm(L)

  • The machine is applicable for grid board or any kind of net.
  • The machine with hydraulic drive, which is stable & low breakdown.
  • The control box with programmable PC board.
  • Automatic trasverse feeding.
  • The main bar feeds by manual.
  • Automatic feeding when main bar welding is finished.
  • Max. Size of Grid Board i 994.5 x 6000mm (W x L).
  • 68 spots per welding.
  • The welding of each grid can be finished within 7 minutes.
  • High production capacity.

Grid Board
(Flat Steel)
Thickness 4.5 - 7mm
Height 25 - 90mm
Distance of Welding Spot Cross Wire A. 30mm (Total 34 wires)
B. 35mm (Total 29 wires)
Grid Board
(Square Steel)
Thickness x Hight A. 6mm x 6mm
B. 8mm x 8mm
Feeding Flat Steel By Manual
Square Steel By Auto Feed for Cross Travel
(2 wires of ech feeding)
Electricity Consumption 3000A for each welding.
Rated Voltage 44v x 2
Rated Capacity 700KVA transformer x 3 sets
Coolant 25 liter / per minute
Max. Pressure 28T
Usage Rating 30%
Operator Required 2 persons