Model : DJ-WT10

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The different functions can be individually installed on the top of the mold, For punching round hole, Cutting angle, bending and other Wide range of uses.
Tough cast body, precise machining, and heat treatment of gear shaft to ensure stable, continuous operation, and increase machine lifespan.
Semi-automatic lubrication system to ensure smooth operation of the machine, which reduces the failure rate.

Tank Stand Cutting Punching Machine - MachiningTank Stand Cutting Punching Machine - Machining

  1. Voltage: 380V/50Hz/Ø3 (according to the demand of customers)
  2. Motor power: 2HP
  3. Screw hole mold: a set
  4. W-shaped hole mold: a set
  5. Energy-Saving Motors with IE3 International standard
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