The Resistance Welding Control System features a microcomputer precision secondary constant current controller, designed for environments with poor power supply. This unique system, developed by MIT, ensures stable welding current output for excellent welding quality. It includes compensation mode for real-time adjustments, current monitoring for displaying welding conditions, and a product pots-punch amount counter for tracking completed work pieces. Operating the system involves setting the conditions and entering weld-operating mode for welding.

This system finds application in environments with poor power supply, providing high-quality welding for electrically conductive metal plates or round bars. It is commonly used for overlapping thin sheet metal, particularly in the kitchen industry for its high welding strength. Additionally, it is utilized in the Metal Chain Manufacturing, Bicycle Wheel Rim, Office Furniture, and new energy battery industries, as well as with Fully Automatic Self Screw Butt Welding machines. The system's versatility and precision make it an essential tool in various industries for achieving strong and efficient welds.
  • Machine Specifications
  • Multi-function Sport Welder Controller
Micro-computer Precision Secondary Constant Current Controller DJ-A-30
Micro-computer Precision Secondary Constant Current Controller
Standard Control Box DJ-MU1
Standard Control Box
Nine Circuits Electric Connection Control Box DJ-MU2
Nine Circuits Electric Connection Control Box
15 Conditions Settable Control Box DJ-MU3
15 Conditions Settable Control Box
DJ-MU1 Standard control box
DJ-MU2 9 times electric connection control box
DJ-MU3 15 conditions settable control box
DJ-MU4-1 Constant current and 60 conditions control box

Adopting pushbutton digital switch and all series with micro circuit control.

1.Quick answering operation, correct activation, shock resistant, low trouble rate.
2.Prevention against interferences such as foreign singnal, thunder bolt, voltage and high frequency.
No error. Reliable application.

With auotmatic current circuit maintenance.
During the current connection, even the pedal switch is "OFF", it will maintain the power connection and voltage increase, according to preset time lengths until the final process, to prevent inferior welding.

With power and voltage fluctuation compensation circuits.
During welding, for voltage and power within ±20%, the voltage and current fluctuate compensation circuit will activate prompt answering in one cycle and restore to the preset welding requirement, therefore obtaining welding effects with consistent quality. (For current adjustment scale higher than 80, the compensation range is narrowed.)

Equiped with up-slope control for adjustment of preliminary welding current wave forms.
Adjust the up-slope control (0-9Hz) to gradually increase the welding current, avoid protruding current, avoid coarse welding surface, improve welding quality, especially to the welding of various galvanized sheed steel.

Relation between the primary voltage and the welding current.



Micro-computer high function welding controller:

  • 30 conditions program memories, three sections of power.
  • Enhanced counting function.
  • Directly increase or decrease the value keys, welding current is automatically compensated.
  • Transformer current output strong weak setting available.