Seam Welding Machines, Automatic Seam Welder


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Brake Shoe Projecting Seam Welder (Automobile & Truck) Air Hydraulic Pressure Automatic Seam Welder (Sink)

All sizes of fuel tank of automobile and motorcycle, oil drum, oil tank, automobile's mufflier, exhaust pipe, bike's steel rim, stainless water tank, solar heat collecting plate, magazine, sprayer, water pail, electric heating canteen, thermos bottle, filter, all sizes of wine jar, motor's outer shell, mesh plate welding, stainless plate welding, and kitch utensils.


  • Welding appearance: Very less hot warp and oxidation save the processing in follow-up steps.
  • Stability: Less soldering tolerance conforms to JIS vehicle specifications.
  • Economy: The consuming parts such as copper-alloy electrode is very less, and power consumption is very less. The operation cost is low.
  • The machine is adjustable to fit either thin or thick workpiece. Both continuous type and pulse type of electricity discharge are available.
  • Free of soldering scars: Save a lot of time on polishing, soil-patching and coating on next processing steps.
  • High maneuverability: The machine can be operated soon after it is started. Any ordinary technician can operate the machine.
  • The pneu & hyd. component such as the cylinder tube is imported form Japan, which is seamless tube , and mandrel both with chrome-plated.
  • The inner of secondary transformer which adopted forging brass plate and installed cooling water hole to reduce the electric resistance & advance the efficiency, especially the transformer is treated annealing treatment which can be stabled the transient output electric current.
  • The hydraulic system are concentrated and the oil cooler attached which assured the hydraulic oil in normality for long servicing period, reduced the cost and long servicing life.
  • The electronic components are adopted from importation. Adopted the push button panel form imported to control the electrode discharge and the current required for the workpiece can be adjusted randomly in.
  • The high precision digital key switch and the synchronous IC controlling circuit etc., and adopted no contact IC controlling & synchronous PC board, high precision of electric welding and long servicing life.
  • Adopted geared displacement pump and stepless variable speed hyd motor from imported, the welding speed can be adjusted randomly, within the scope of our needs which could make the pressure stable and uniform.
SpecificationRated CapacityRated PrimaryVoltageRated FrequencyMax. Weld CurrentRoll-spot capacity stainlessMax. Welding ForceCooling Water
Model KVA V Hz A mm+mm kg ℓ/min
DJ-C800 80 220/440 50/60 18,000 0.8+0.8 600 25
DJ-C1000 100 220/440 50/60 21,000 1+1 800 25
DJ-C1200 120 220/440 50/60 24,000 1.2+1.2 800 30
DJ-C1500 150 220/440 50/60 27,000 1.8+1.8 800 30
DJ-C2000 200 220/440 50/60 31,000 2+2 1200 40
DJ-C2500 250 220/440 50/60 35,000 2.2+2.2 1200 40
DJ-C3000 300 220/440 50/60 38,000 2.4+2.4 1200 50
  • Can design & make according to local voltage requirement (200V-600V)
  • Its possible design make for rectifier model deman.

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