Design and Manufacturing All Kinds of Special Welding Equipment

DJE have very excellent technology group who have owned different welding and design experience since 50 years ago.
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Resistance Welding Advantage

  • When welding the workpiece, increase the pre-pressure to eliminate gaps between workpieces and make them fit tightly. It does not require any filler metals and gases.
  • Simple operation, low deformation of the workpiece, the fast welding process and does not require any high skilled operators or professional technicians.
  • The power required to operate is less to ensure the safe and no pollution working environment.
  • It is suitable for welding mode of mass production due to its fast welding speed.
  • Through the preheated pulses melt the plasticity of the workpiece, softening it for a tight fit and prevent spattering.
  • It can assembly PLC device combine with AI calculate control system which will accurate control welding current and reduce CO2 exhaust.

What is heat effect affect for work piece?

It is the effect that is exerted to work piece by heat generated in welding. If the work piece overheat bear range, the work piece may change in color, discolor, deform, or may be breakable; parts will easy brittle.
To reduce the heat effect, welding current must be a short duration of time applied on work piece. Inverter and capacitor welding system is best choice.
  • Machine Specifications
Multi-Spot Welding Machine DJ-M4 / DJ-M6 / DJ-M8
Multi-Spot Welding Machine
Hydraulic Multi-Spot Grid Board Welding Machine DJ-CTC700
Hydraulic Multi-Spot Grid Board Welding Machine
Design and Manufacturing all kinds of Special Welding
Design and Manufacturing all kinds of Special Welding