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Learning More About Pneumatic Hydraulic Flash Butt Welding Machine

About Flash Butt Welding Machine (Pneumatic Butt Welding Machine) Introduction

The top and bottom electrodes are pressed against the work piece, creating a certain resistance under pressure at the shorten time, and continuously welding current through the work piece, the welding current is passed through the work piece to generate heat energy, which causes the two work piece to reach the same melting point and welding, then pressurized and close-fitting, finally forming flash butt welding.

Flash Butt Welding Machine (Pneumatic Butt Welding Machine) Features

  • When welding the work piece, increase the pre-pressure to eliminate gaps between work pieces and make them fit tightly. It does not require any filler metals and gases.
  • Simple operation, low deformation of the work piece, the fast welding process and does not require any high skilled operators or professional technicians.
  • The power required to operate is less to ensure the safe and no pollution working environment.
  • It is suitable for welding mode of mass production due to its fast welding speed.
  • Through the preheated pulses melt the plasticity of the work piece, softening it for a tight fit.
  • It can assembly PLC device combine with AI calculate control system which will accurate control welding current and reduce CO2 exhaust.

How to operate the Flash Butt Welding Machine (Pneumatic Butt Welding Machine)?

The principle of positive electrode and negative electrode short circuit is adopted. When welding the work piece, the top and bottom electrodes are pressed against the work piece, creating a certain contact resistance under pressure. And then right side pneumatic cylinder push the work piece combine with welding current creates an instantaneous thermal welding and short current at the two contact resistance points, without affecting the internal structure of the welding work piece.

Flash Butt Welding Machine (Pneumatic Butt Welding Machine) Application

Pneumatic butt welding machine is using to weld electrical conductivity metal plate or metal round bar. It is commonly used for connect thinner sheet metal and its widely used in the bicycle industry for its high welding strength, which provides sufficient strength for the component and is completed within seconds by pneumatic butt welding mode. It is also applied for the Metal Chain Manufacturing Industry, Bicycle Wheel Rim Industry, Office Furniture, New energy industry and Fully Automatic Self Screw Butt Welding machine,…etc.

What is heat effect affect for work piece?

It is the effect that is exerted to work piece by heat generated in welding. If the work piece overheat bear range, the work piece may change in color, discolor, deform, or may be breakable; parts will easy brittle. To reduce the heat effect, welding current must be a short duration of time applied on work piece. Inverter and capacitor welding system is best choice.

What is difference between each welding method?

  • The resistance welding is suitable for flat sheet or weld nut application.
  • The condenser projection welding is suitable for circumferential welding or multi welding high tensile sheet.
  • The butt welding is suitable for raw material connect welding or bi metal connect application.
  • The seam welding is suitable for raw material sheet overlap welding or continuity seal welding application.

The heating welding is suitable for one piece big diameter work piece or high hardness small work piece application.