Model : DJ-W3600

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  • These machines apply the hydraulic system supplied by the YUKEN Co. Ltd. (Japan) and BOSCH Co. Ltd. (Germany. Under the stable operating efficiency and spec-complied operating status, machine parts will hold a long operating lifetime. The concentric logic controller is provided by the MISHIBISHI Co. Ltd. (Japan) and SIEMENS Co. Ltd. (Germany). The thermal sensors are supplied by the CHION Co. Ltd. (Japan) and OPTRIS Co. Ltd. (Germany), which provide high-accuracy temperature change data. The HF induction heating machines are under the MIT (Made in Taiwan) performance and quality guarantee. The parameters which are meaningful to the product quality, such as the heating current and others, could be controlled independently.
  • Power supply system: 1). one-way power supply. 2). 3-phase power-supply inverter.
    (1) One-way power supply features: simple in power arrangement; the control system is simply associated by PCB and timer, easy to operate; with optional logic controller for selection.
    (2) Inverter features in 3-phase power supply: power inputted from three phases, which could mitigate the load of primary side. Our inverter suppliers are the global-top (Japan) NAS TOA Co. Ltd. and (Germany) BOSCH Co. Ltd. The three-phase power is inputted into the inverter and outputted into the transformer in single-direction, making the main circuit simply framed and provide precise and reliable circuit control. As cooperated with the logic controller for concentrated monitor & control, it makes the quality of work pieces under production more reliable and secured.
  • The operating interface is simple and brief, allow for customer design. The user-required production data/info in the interface is rich, which could display the fault point locations and is simple for maintenance. The interface could monitor the production process and record the related production data.
  • The machining process is:
    Feeding by robot → heat the work piece → heat both ends by HF → output and transported to the next station by robot.
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